Noticing some changes

I missed a day but I felt like crap yesterday.  I am guessing it was a detoxing thing more than anything.  And seriously lacking in the water intake.  But I am starting to notice some things.

  1. Scale says I am down almost 4 lbs!  How is that EVEN possible?
  2. I started with two capsules this morning instead of one.  Much better, I think.  CRAZY energy for the first couple hours.  It tapers off but still is way more than I usually have!  Seems a little more each day.
  3. I am not so drained by the end of the day.  I have a few times I feel tired but press through a little and I bounce right back with energy.
  4. I seem to be angry less or better able to handle it at least.
  5. Having more fun with my kids.
  6. Feeling a little more lovey with my hubby.

These are just a few things and it is only day 3!!!!  Still have a bit of a headache and some other weirdness but that may be a sugar reaction thing.  OH!!  And I am noticing way less cravings!!  Even the portions I am eating.  Smaller portions and seeming to be satisfied with that.  A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!

Just think what I could do if I brought God into this like he should be?  And exercise and eating fairly clean? Wow, could change be on the horizon?!


The journey begins…

I am an overweight mom of seven blessings.  Losing weight, exercising, and being healthy is HARD.  And it takes work.  Maybe when I have some more time I will share about how I got here.  But for now, I will journal how I felt today.  I started Le-vel THRIVE today due to the prompting of my friend Jeannie.  I started the day with crazy energy and talked for 5 minutes straight.  I did still need a nap today.  I missed having a cup of coffe but survived without it.  I don’t think I feel as exhausted as I usually do though still tired.  I was short on sleep from the weekend and sick and started my period!  So we shall see what tomorrow brings!